An Iowa woman was arrested last week after a bizarre incident that ended with her driving over the foot of a deputy.

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According to, 44-year-old Mandy Lynn Davis was the driver of a vehicle involved in a car accident south of Rock Rapids on May 30 and drove away from the scene of the accident just as a Lyon County deputy was arriving. There were three people with her in the vehicle who were all under 18 and she was not their guardian.

The deputy turned on his lights and pulled Davis over. She told the deputy that the accident was caused by one of the passengers yanking on the parking brake and that she was taking them to the hospital to get checked out. The deputy informed her that she had missed the turn to the hospital and that he would meet her there.

Davis took the three minors into the hospital and came out without one of them. While sitting back in her car, Davis told the minors to not say anything to the deputy and to put on their seat belts. She then drove over a curb to get away and ran over the deputy's foot in the process.

A pursuit followed in which the deputy tried to pull Davis over. She eventually stopped at her home and ran inside with the two minors. A pair of deputies followed her inside and were eventually able to get her into handcuffs despite her continued attempts to resist.

Davis now faces charges of assault on persons in certain occupations, use/display of a weapon, interference with official acts with a dangerous weapon, contributing to the delinquency of minor, reckless driving, failure to yield an emergency vehicle, and having an improper brake light.


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