Ronda Rousey is about to fight in UFC 205 this month in her first return to the octagon since her first loss in the octagon.

Many believe that this fight or maybe one more fight, might be the end for Rousey in the UFC as well.

She has spoke about her future too and you get the sense that those believing the end is near, may be very accurate.

So if the end is nearing for Rousey in the UFC, could a move to the WWE be next?

I would guess yes, for sure.

Why wouldn't she? She has already stepped into the WWE ring before and it may be time to make it more of a long term deal.

Those two worlds seem to be colliding more and more these days anyways.

USA Today had a great piece about the mutual admiration between Rousey and the WWE that makes many good correlations on why it makes a lot of sense.

She doesn't have to take the beating she may take in the UFC and with her star status, as long as she stays in physical shape, she wont have to commit as much time to the WWE as she currently does in the UFC.

The time commitment factor would be huge and so would her paycheck. She would garner a huge audience as well, which would only add 0's to the end of that contract.

I might watch a few hours of the WWE currently, but you add Rhonda Rousey to the roster and I'm making it must see TV.

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