It's a tradition that has become, um, well, a tradition. It's a bigger deal than the Bud Bowl, or the Puppy Bowl, or even that time In Living Color did a special halftime episode. It was used in a McDonald's commercial campaign. And I makes my wife laugh so hard I get kind of jelly of it's peanut butter. What is it? It is the annual Bad Lip Reading of the NFL.

Super Bowl Sunday will deliver on us a buffet of exciting movie trailers, bathroom issues, drunk 6:30 PM texts, and now six minuets and four seconds of hilarity. I don't know how the folks at the Bad Lip Reading empire do it, and I want to keep it that way. I don't want to spoil the magic.

Yes, they do  Bad Lip Readings of all kinds of things. From politicians, to Stranger Things. but, I think the NFL ones are their best work.

The players and coaches are so serious (of course). So when the creators put the ridiculous things in their mouths it is so great. Seeing Tom Brady beg for a helicopter or a Jets coach talking like granny goes very well with those cheese-filled sausages waiting for you in the barbecue hot tub.

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