This has been a pretty terrible start for winter for many people who rely on the weather in their businesses. Lakes have open water, grass is still green on many Minnesotan's lawns, and we are about a month behind on where we should be for winter.

Resorts have been having cancellations across the state. WDIO did a story on Crane Lake and the issues they've been facing. Normally this time of year, there would be no issue going out on the lake at least. We've been losing what lake ice we did have with all the rain and warm temperatures in the last couple of weeks.

Snowmobile trails open up for the season on December 1st, but that's only if conditions are right. At this rate, a lot needs to happen to save the snowmobile season. We first need it to get cold and stay cold so those swamps and rivers freeze up. Then we need a pile of snow, and we need it in that order. If we get too much snow those creeks and swamps won't freeze up and that will cause issues.

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The Vermilion Penguins Snowmobile Club recently posted an update telling folks not to give up hope on the season, but they also realize it will be an abbreviated season at best.

Some trailside bars and restaurants have had to temporarily close to do the lack of business. No winter snowmobile riding means less income to keep the lights on. The Vermilion Penguins Snowmobile Club urges riders to go and visit and spend money anyway, even if they're not able to ride. These small businesses depend on the winter business and it's also important for riders to have these places open when weather does cooperate. What would your winter rides be like without a spot to warm up on a frigid day?

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