One Iowa man named Jason Halkias is on a journey only pizza lovers can imagine. Jason is on a mission to visit every Pizza Ranch in the nation. He just marked his 150th visit to a Pizza Ranch in Sioux Falls, South Dakota!

Jason Halkias went to see the West Sioux Falls Pizza Ranch, and the Davenport, Iowa native is not slowing down!

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This unique experience began while Jason was in a previous relationship. Although the relationship did not last, Jason wanted to complete this adventure and visit all 210 Pizza Ranch locations across the Midwest. Our news partners at Dakota News Now caught up with Jason at the 150th Pizza Ranch spot to learn about his travels and love for Pizza Ranch.

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Jason loves traveling to new Pizza Ranch eateries to experience not just the restaurant, but the community as well! There's always something new to discover.

“It allows me to drive and go around places that I personally have never been before. Just to see a lot of new sights that have been very unfamiliar to me that are really nice to see, like here in South Dakota out in the west part of the state, I was seeing all the beautiful hills out there. There’s nothing quite like it out there."

Jason tells Dakota News Now he feels welcomed at each Pizza Ranch location.

It might not seem like it, but this pizza-loving Iowa man still has several Pizza Ranch establishments to see. Jason needs to visit 76 locations in Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado. His goal is to complete this epic Pizza Ranch trip by this November. And in case you're curious, Jason loves the stuffed buffalo chicken pizza from Pizza Ranch.

You can read more about Jason Halkias' travels here.

Good luck, Jason! Enjoy all the delicious Pizza Ranch food!

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