Some of the best restaurants around are the hole-in-the-wall ones that gain their reputation by word of mouth. Minnesota is full of these, but the very best is nestled in the southwest corner of the state, and there's a good chance you've never heard of it.

The best part about this cafe is the fact that you can grab a hot and tasty meal 24 hours a day.

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According to Eat This, Not That Website, the best 24/7 restaurant in the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes is located in the far southwestern part of the state, in the small town of Pipestone.


Lange's Cafe is known for its old-fashioned service and classic comfort food. But the best thing about this tiny cafe in the small town of Pipestone may be that it's the only place within miles where you can get a piping hot meal, 24 hours a day.

Here's what Eat This, Not That has to say about Lange's Cafe:

Lange's Cafe in Pipestone is serving hungry people some comfort food to fill your soul and your stomach. Think of things like pot roast, pork sandwiches, and Dutch apple pie, all of which are on the menu at this 24-hour restaurant.

-Eat This, Not That Website

As for some of Minnesota's neighbors: In Iowa, the best 24/7 spot is at a place called Maria's Mexican Food in Des Moines. And in Wisconsin, the number one place to grab a bite, 24 hours a day is in Milwaukee, at the Omega Restaurant.

To see the full list of the best 24/7 restaurants in each state, read the article from Eat This, Not That here.

Story Source: Eat This Not That Website

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