It seems like in the last few years people have become more and more impatient while driving.  Any delay on their commute leads to road rage or unnecessary erratic driving behaviors.  Not only is this unsafe for others on the road, but it can also cause some bad situations like a true emergency being responded to go from bad to worse quickly.

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In particular when our firefighters are out and about doing their jobs to help save lives and property, keep in mind how your driving can impact their work.

Just recently while battling a structure fire, the City of Duluth Fire Department had not one but two people drive right over their deployed hoses.  Charged with water or not, this not only puts their crews in danger, but also equipment and property.  With this recent incident, they released a reminder to the public on Facebook:

Trying to think of if it was your home or business on fire, would you want someone hindering the fight or putting our fire fighters in even more danger?  Also keep in mind that driving over fire hoses charged or not can cause serious vehicle damage to your ride.

Thankfully with the recent structure fire, no injuries were reported, but it could have been a worse situation if one of the hoses had been damaged.  Just a friendly reminder to slow down and take your time when on the road, especially if you come across the scene of an accident or active firefighting situation.  We need to make sure our emergency responders go home too.

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