Tap water quality and clarity varies widely across the United States, and South Dakota and Minnesota are just a few area states that landed on a recent list describing average tap water quality.

The good news is that both Minnesota and South Dakota made it on to a good list.

They're both in the top 10 states list nationwide with the best quality tap water.

We've all heard horror stories from different parts of the country and the world of undrinkable, or concerning findings in regard to tap water quality.

Here is the top 10 list from a recent article from AZ Animals:

1) Massachusetts

2) Oregon

3) Missouri

4) Kansas

5) Vermont

6) Connecticut

7) New Hampshire

8) Minnesota

9) South Dakota

10) Rhode Island

It's a good look for South Dakota and neighboring Minnesota. Per the article:

Depending on the region and unique conditions, the quality of tap water in the United States can vary quite a bit. Tap water in the United States is generally regarded as safe to drink. However, there are a few things that might affect the quality of one’s tap water.

Good to know that here at home in South Dakota our tap water ranks among the best in the country.

As far as the worst states for tap water quality, I had to seek out another source at Multipure. Pennsylvania has the worst tap water quality in the country, joining the likes of Texas and Florida at the bottom of the list.

Source: AZ Animals on MSN and Multipure

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