Winter did not last long in South Dakota. A short South Dakota winter only means one thing...Sioux Falls B&G Milkyway is opening early this year!

The staff at B&G Milkyway are getting ready to open all nine of its locations around the Sioux Empire. With the unseasonably warm winter, B&G Milkyway ice cream shops in the Sioux Falls area will be open as early as this Friday!

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B&G Milkyway (via Facebook), Canva
B&G Milkyway (via Facebook), Canva

In an exciting Facebook post from B&G Milkyway, the sweet staff released the list of opening dates for most of its locations around the Sioux Empire. Two locations in Sioux Falls will be opening this week on Friday, March 1st.

The B&G Milkyway locations that will be open for business in Sioux Falls are Cliff Avenue and Harmodon Park. Next week, more Sioux Empire B&G Milkyway ice cream shops will be open:

  • The 69th Street location: Monday, March 4th
  • Harrisburg location: Tuesday, March 5th
  • West 41st Street location: Wednesday, March 6th
  • Tea location: Monday, March 11th

There have not been opening dates set for the B&G Milkyway locations in Brandon or on Sycamore Avenue in Sioux Falls. West 12th Street B&G Milkyway in Sioux Falls will be ready for ice cream season sometime "closer to April."

I remember when I had my first B&G Milkyway ice cream dessert. I was totally hooked! Last summer, I even took my fiancé Chris to the iconic Sioux Falls ice cream spot for his first taste. He loved the California Dreamin' treat! I'm already dreaming about the Avalanche treats, especially those that just ooze chocolate. Death By Chocolate, Brownie, Brownie Batter, Monster Cookie, Mudslide...just thinking of these Avalanche treats makes me extremely hungry!

Sioux Falls...the wait is over! We can't wait for B&G Milkyway ice cream!

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