The snow isn't done with us just yet.

If you haven't already stocked up on milk and bread (or weekend snacks in general) you might want to do that. Round #2 of this snowstorm is getting ready to move into Iowa on Friday, bringing with it anywhere from 6-12" of snow. Icky.

Our friends at KWQC say that we could see blizzard conditions this weekend but before you start picturing feet upon feet of snow in the arctic tundra, it may not mean what you think it means.


If we get a "blizzard" that does not mean that we have 25 feet of snow. The National Weather Service says that a "blizzard" can contain "large amounts of snow OR blowing snow". The second part of that is what we're really supposed to get.

It's Windy And You Can't See Anything

Blizzard wind is considered 35 mph or over and the forecast for the QC as of now is gusts up to 50 mph on Friday afternoon through Saturday. The other factor that determines a "blizzard", according to NWS, is "visibilities of less than 1/4 of a mile for at least 3 hours".

That box is checked too, we likely won't be able to see very far Friday and early Saturday, even with possible whiteout conditions.

The amount of snow alone doesn't make something a blizzard. Whatever you want to call it, it's definitely considered a great weekend to stay inside and stay warm and keep up with what the weather is doing.

Iowa First Used The Word "Blizzard"

Iowa Prepares For State's Caucuses, As Large Snowstorm Descends On The State
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We first used it in it's modern context anyway. NWS says that in the 1870's, it was an Iowa newspaper that first used the term "blizzard" to describe a snowstorm. The word used to mean a cannon shot or rapid gunfire. But after that newspaper used it to describe a snowstorm, it stuck and now it's used worldwide and in our forecast.

I guess that's what we get for coming up with the word.

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