Did you actually have to clean the sky dandruff off your car this morning?

Besides the crazy milk and bread trips, the snow emergencies and school closings, one thing you can always bet on in a snowstorm is needing your snow plow and brush for your car.


The nice thing with snowstorms is having the heads up. You have the kitty litter in case of ice, your gloves, extra layers, and of course your snow brush are out and ready to go. But if you're just really crunched for time on a snowy morning, do you absolutely have to take the extra time to brush the snow off of your car?

Just Brush Off The Snow


I'm definitely used to jumping in my car and zooming off to wherever but when we get a snow like this one, you legally cannot if you live in Iowa.

It is illegal in the state of Iowa to not clean snow accumulation off of your car before you drive it. 

Iowa Code words it like this:

A person shall not drive a motor vehicle equipped with a windshield, sidewings, or side or rear windows which do not permit clear vision.

You know what gets totally in the way of "clear vision"? Snow. If you're running late, tough. Formulate an excuse if you need one while you're brushing the snow off your car. You can actually be fined if you don't clean the snow off.

Iowa State Patrol told WHO13 that they don't often issue tickets for snow-covered windows but they will if it results in an accident.

And geez, if nothing else, obviously you gotta be able to see. People already drive particularly ridiculous in the snow, don't make it worse.

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