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It's a beverage you can only purchase here in Minnesota, but even its days here may be numbered.

Even though I've been a fully naturalized Minnesotan now for over 12 years, the fact that I was born and raised across the Cheddar Curtain over in Wisconsin has always made many of Minnesota's laws concerning alcohol seem strange.

I mean, first, there was that law that was on the books until 2017 that made buying any alcohol on Sundays illegal. Then there was that strange law that limited just how much beer, whisky, or wine Minnesota craft breweries, distilleries, or wineries could sell. That one was repealed when the 'Free The Growler' law was finally passed nearly three years ago.

But Minnesota's state law that prohibits grocery stores from selling wine and beer is STILL on the books. Now, grocery stores in the Bold North *can* sell beer, but as we all know, the beer that grocery stores can legally sell in Minnesota is that strange 'three-two' beer, or 'near beer' as it's sometimes called. The Gopher State is currently the *only* state where that product (which contains less alcohol by volume than regular beer) is still sold.

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While some legislators were hoping to change that law in previous years, nothing passed. A bill to change that law wasn't even introduced in 2023, and the thinking earlier this year was that it would continue again throughout the 2024 session.

However, according to this Minn Post story, a change could be coming that would pretty much spell the end of three-two beer in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. That's because a bipartisan bill that would allow sales of regular beer in Minnesota grocery stores has the support of the chair of the Senate committee that controls liquor laws, the story noted.


The story went on to explain that a bill from Senate Commerce Committee Chair Matt Klein, a DFL lawmaker from Mendota Heights, would allow sales of regular beer anywhere three-two beer is currently sold. It wouldn't address wine sales, though.

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Will that bill have enough support to make it out of committee, pass both houses of the Legislature, and would Gov. Walz sign it into law? Those are still good questions, but there appears to be way more progress on changing this law than in previous years. So if you're a three-two beer fan, you might want to buy some before it goes away for good!

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