Jason Witten is leaving the ESPN Monday Night Football booth and returning to the NFL.

The Dallas Cowboys got some great news on Thursday as their former tight end once again became their current tight end.

Witten will be getting a one year contract worth $3.5 million to return to the Cowboys according to ESPN and Adam Schefter.

Witten was OK in his first year in the booth for ESPN but wasn't great and it seemed like he still had a desire to play the game.

There has been no announcement from ESPN on how the booth will change for Monday Night Football.

This shows me that Witten believes the Cowboys are close to winning Super Bowl or he would have just stayed in the cushy job of being a NFL analyst.

If you think about what the Dallas Cowboys will have now have offensively, they are going to be loaded.

Dak under center, Zeke running the football, Amari Cooper on the outside and once again Jason Witten up the seams and as a safety net for Dak, the Cowboys offensive is going to be legit.

The questions become whether or not the defense can take the next step, but regardless, you have to consider the Cowboys a front runner in the NFL in 2019.