Dreams do come true and for me, my dream of being on the Dan Le Betard Show came true on radio row as I was able to be a part of the Thursday edition.

For years, we have been trying to get Stugotz in Sioux Falls for a 'Stugotz Day' only to be turned away by the ultimate negotiator time and time again.

We have met his demands of a private jet, warmer weather, talent fee, security guards and so much more, yet we haven't been unable to secure a 'Stugotz Day'.

So Dan Le Batard finally let me get on the air and give Stugotz a piece of mind.

Not only was I featured on the radio show, but I also made it to their simulcast on ESPN as well.

Even with the added pressure, I was unable to secure a date for Stugotz Day and it is likely I will keep delivering on his demands and fall short each and every time.

Regardless if a Stugotz day ever does come to fruition or not, I am forever grateful to Dan and the show for putting me on and allowing me to hang out on national TV and radio.


Here is an "Audio Only" version:


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