As a taxpayer, you will have be able to cast a vote to determine how the Sioux Falls School District sets future calendars.  

Citizens recently were disgruntled with the Board’s decision to set the calendar for the next three years instead of just one year.  A successful petition drive forced a vote, which will take place in the spring of 2015.

District Superintendent Dr. Pam Homan encourages parents to make their intentions known, however one segment of students could be hamstrung by a later start date.

“My greatest worry is that the high school students who are in the Advanced Placement courses (will suffer).  The time of that test is nationally set.  They would have three weeks less learning than they have now before taking those exams.  The summer activities for the high school students (would) continue as scheduled (if the voters so choose).  I think it’s important that people just understand the impact, they go vote and our community implements a calendar that the people want.”

Should the voters choose to start school after Labor Day, the changes would take effect with the 2015-16 academic calendar.


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