We've all sat down in a brewery and said to ourselves and whoever is around us, "You know what I'd love to do? Just take some time off of work and go to every brewery in the state," but you never do.

Well, a guy in Colorado actually did it.

Paul Myhill is a dude who just looks like he loves beer and breweries. He has a beard, a bunch of tattoos and regularly is seen wearing a fedora. Over the last year and a half, he took his love for beer and hit every taproom and brewery in the state of Colorado.

“I ended up doing 467 stops in Colorado,” Myhill told KMGH. He added that two more opened up in the last few weeks, bringing his total to 469.

Just like most of us, his idea started off after a few beers with a friend.

“We hit 5 breweries in a day, and we said, ‘What if we do 30 in 30 days?’ Ended up doing that in a week. So the goal got upped to 100 in 100 days, did that in a month. So 365 in 365 days?” Myhill told the news station. “Then I said, ‘OK, I’m gonna do them all.’”

From there, Paul changed his work from home plan to a "Work from Brewery" plan, traveling all over the state, grabbing a flight from every brewery he stopped at.

"I probably did 3,000 beers. That’s crazy if you think about it,” he said. “I have got one heck of a liver, let’s say that.”

He documented his whole journey on social media, under the name @ColoradoBeerGuy.

“For me, the story was connecting with individual communities as I drank their beer with them,” he said.

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