Take a look at the map above and you'll see several options to enjoy the beauty of Minnesota in the great outdoors of one of the many State Parks.

Dozens of locations just a short drive away throughout the state offer endless opportunities for camping, hiking, fishing, biking, boating, and just getting away.

However, before you go there are a few things you should know.

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Of all the things you pack, of all the things you want to do when you choose your State Park, make sure you know what you can do and what is not allowed.

Minnesota State Parks have some DO-NOTS:

It is illegal for any person to consume intoxicating liquors, or to display liquor containers in public. State laws apply to the possession and use of drugs.

Firewood you bring from home.
Firewood without a purchase receipt or bundle label.
Pallet wood.
Lumber that is painted, stained, or contains metal or foreign materials.

Surprise! Minnesota residents can fish without a fishing license in most Minnesota state parks, including ice fishing.

Metal Detectors
The use of metal detectors is prohibited.

Smoking is prohibited indoors or within 30 feet of park buildings.

Fireworks are not permitted in state parks.

it is unlawful to land any aircraft on lands or water totally within the boundaries of any state park, state recreation area, or state wayside.

It is unlawful for any person to possess explosives of any kind.

It is against the law for any person to possess a firearm (including an air gun) unless the firearm is unloaded and completely contained in a fully enclosed gun case or unloaded and contained in the closed trunk of a vehicle.

Parking on the grass is not allowed. Park only in designated areas and spaces provided in the campground.

Harvesting Wild Rice
The harvest of “green” (unripe) wild rice is unlawful.

It is unlawful at any time to construct, occupy, or use an elevated scaffold or other elevated device in a state park.

Picking Wildflowers
It is not allowed to pick wildflowers or other plants (edible or not), even for personal use.

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