There had been little news about a potential next generation Hitman title since it was uncovered a few years ago, but a former developer's resume may have revealed the final fate of Agent 47's potential PlayStation 4 and Xbox One mission.

According to the LinkedIn profile of Richard Knight (spotted by Videogamer), Square Enix cancelled the next-gen Hitman last year. This revamped Hitman would have been one of Square Enix Montreal's first titles, however the studio has shifted to mobile late last year, putting the future of the game in limbo. However, it now appears SEM will be developing a Hitman game for Android and iOS instead of PS4 and Xbox One.

While this Hitman game was never officially cancelled publicly, that might be due to IO Interactive taking up the reins. The developer is working on the next AAA Hitman experience, as per Square Enix's own statements, but whether or not it's an entirely different game than the one SEM was working on remains to be seen.

Though a mobile Hitman game may sound a bit out there, Square's recent success with Deus Ex: The Fall showed the publisher was capable of producing quality content for tablets and cell phones. Hopefully this Android and iOS Hitman can be on par with that experience, and continue to push titles like Final Fantasy: All the Bravest out of our memories.

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