Madden 18 will hit stores this week as people get ready for the newest installment of the video game franchise. Here's a look back at all the previous games.

Admittedly I have purchased almost every Madden game since 2002. The only one I didn't purchase was in 2005 because of NFL 2K5. Outside of that, I've always been in on the Madden NFL franchise.

I can't say that I played some of the games in the 90s. I was mostly all-in on Super Mario and Donkey Kong, and the only NFL game I had at the time was NFL Quarterback Club 1998 on the N64. There's a reason that franchise hasn't continued.

But have you ever found yourself thinking "it's the same game but with a roster update?" I admit that I have thought it before, but when you take a look back at the evolution of the game it would show differently.

The early days of the game up until the N64/PS1 debut seem a bit consistent. The major changes occur on the jumps to the more powerful platforms. The PS2/XBOX looked insanely better than the N64 versions. The PS3/XBOX 360 timeframe made the prior generation look like it was apart of the Atari years. Now the current PS4/XBOX One generation makes it feel like they take you straight inside the stadium.

If there's one thing that is consistent with this video game franchise, it's that it has always pushed the envelope on the next/new generation. Here's a look back at all the games.

Madden NFL 18 comes out on Tuesday (August 22) for those that purchased the special edition, and Friday (August 25) for the standard game.

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