Who doesn't remember playing video games for hours on end as a kid on a Saturday? Or right away after school? Sometimes video games were the only thing helping you get through that last sheet of Algebra problems; the anticipation to play one more level or one more game was a huge motivator.

ESPN'S official twitter feed tweeted out this morning asking if you had to choose one of the following sports video game franchises to revive which one would you choose.

And the poll data revealed a clear winner. By far, the fan-favorite was NCAA Football. Personally I never played this game but I knew kids at school who would only talk about this game at the lunch table.

Nowadays of course Madden is the football game franchise that a lot of people talk about but I have heard from true fans of The NCAA Football franchise that it does not compare to Madden.

I'm curious though with a lot of other consoles reviving video games that previously came out in the early 2000s would an NCAA Football franchise game remake be that far out the question for the future? Only time will tell, but I do know that a lot of sports fans would definitely buy it if it ever does get released as the game has already been delayed.

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