Cincinnati Reds star Nick Castellanos seems to find ways to interrupt television broadcast moments.

You may remember the moment that former Reds broadcaster Thom Brennaman was attempting to apologize for his comments that were aired on a hot mic. His apology was interrupted by Castellanos blasting a home run.

The Brennaman apology quickly turned into a meme that spread all over Twitter. The timing of the Castellanos home run seemed to be something straight out of a movie.

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But what if something like that happened again? It did. During a game against the Kansas City Royals this past week, Castellanos stepped up to the plate and blasted another home run. Only this time, without realizing it, Castellanos interrupted a eulogy that was being presented on the Bally Sports Kansas City broadcast.

Did you notice something between the two clips? Castellanos managed to interrupt two different moments (for two totally different meanings/reasons) in the same ballpark against the same team.

Of course, nobody can blame Castellanos for any of these interruptions. The game was ongoing and he doesn't have the TV broadcasts in his ear. Somehow though, he has some crazy timing.

As a tip to television producers, don't run any somber moments when Castellanos is up to bat or due up at any point during that inning.

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