Remember the feeling of going to school knowing there was a test that day, but knowing that it was essentially doom day? The Cubs and Marlins experienced that on Opening Day.

The Chicago Cubs opened the baseball season on Sunday night hosting their rival St. Louis. With a lot of optimism, the Cubs entered the game with a partly revamped Wrigley Field. Wrigley Field is currently going through a four year renovation process. The game on the field was normal and was even greeted with a brand new jumbotron in the outfield. Fans, unfortunately, didn't have the same experience as normal.

Chicago Tribune. Portable toilets will be installed to help relieve fans throughout the game.

But hey, that brand new jumbotron still looks amazing doesn't it?

Chicago might have failed on Opening Day, but the Miami Marlins aren't too far behind them. It was just a couple years ago that Miami opened up a brand new multi-million dollar stadium equipped with a retractable roof.

That last sentence is very important in all of this. Gearing up for their Opening Day game against the Atlanta Braves, the Marlins went through pre-game preparations of checking over the stadium and taking a peak at the weather. Apparently whatever smartphone app they used to check the forecast was completely wrong. A Miami rain shower took over the stadium and caused a 16 minute rain delay.

Good planning for both the Cubs and Marlins for Opening Day. To make matters worse, both teams lost their first game of the season.

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