Safety is front and center these days and when it comes to South Dakota, one town that's just miles from Sioux Falls stands above the rest.

By and large, the Sioux Empire has a number of towns that are far safer than the national average. According to the data site, Niche, many of the safest towns in the entire state are located within an hour of the Sioux Falls Metro.

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But where's the safest town in the Mount Rushmore State?

Credit: Brandon Valley Chamber of Commerce, YouTube
Credit: Brandon Valley Chamber of Commerce, YouTube

That's right, the vibrant community of Brandon, South Dakota is the safest in our state.

Niche gave Brandon an A in terms of Public Schools, an A in Affordable Housing, an A+ for families, and an A- in terms of crime. Pretty impressive, right?

One of the reviews on the site summed up the town of Brandon perfectly:

Brandon has always been a thriving town, especially over the last few years. Brandon is the home of the Brandon Valley School District, rated number one in South Dakota. The high school is the heart of the town, as you can find most of Brandon's residents at the football field on Friday nights. Safety is a number one priority in the town as well, as its police are friendly but can keep order.

-Current Brandon Resident via Niche Website

Not to mention, Brandon is perfectly located just minutes from Sioux Falls, for all of your shopping and entertainment needs.

To see the full list of the safest towns in the Mount Rushmore State, check out this list from Niche.

Story Source: Niche

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