Halftime entertainment at College Football games has a standard staple, the home team's marching band comes onto the field and performs for the fans.

The other day, someone proposed to me that they get rid of the marching bands at halftime and go toward more of a NBA halftime show where you have a different act each game.

His reasoning was two folds.  First he felt like the music the bands play is unpleasing to the ears and he said it seemed like something that was cool in the 80's and not in 2015.

Plus, he felt like he found himself staying in his seat to watch a unique halftime act vs. a school's marching band.

Now I am all for the Red Panda or the Russian Bar or even an occasional flipping dog, but come on, getting rid of the marching band? That doesn't seem like the brightest idea.

I'm not one to hold onto tradition, in fact, I'm quite the opposite.  I enjoy new things and living in the moment instead of living in the past, but I'm going to have to side with the traditionalists on this one.

Not only does it provide a good entertainment value at halftime, it adds to the school spirit at the game and it creates a lot of opportunities for the participants of each band.  From scholarships to friendships, it is a valuable activity as much as it as a valuable halftime entertainment option.

I play the scrooge card a lot when it comes to changing tradition, but lets keep this tradition the same and enjoy the marching bands that each school presents at halftime of their college football games.


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