The 4-legged members of your family may get more attention than the owners of the house. So it is in our house. And, spoiling them is just a part of our nature to provide everything we can for a good quality of life. That means top-quality food.

That food has skyrocketed in the last year making it hard for some pet owners to choose what to feed their animals.

Pet food across the country has succumbed to the supply chain shortage just as several products have due to the lasting effects of the pandemic.

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In a recent Reader's Digest article, supply chain issues have affected almost everything you can think of.

One grocery store manager, Dave Clark, explains the pet food shortage. “The amount available doesn’t cover the market like it needs to,” he says. “Raw materials, according to my suppliers, raw materials are diverted first towards human use.”

According to Clark, pet food brands like Purina are “much more comfortable about availability on the canned side, but he [a Purina representative] even warned that dry (food) is going to take a while to catch up.”


When you have just one pet in your household as we do, you'd think the cost of pet food wouldn't be that noticeable. Well, six months ago a ten-pound bag of BlueWilderness was around $29.00. Today, if you can find it on the store shelf it will set me back $59.00.

Making a weekly trip to the grocery store has changed over the last few years, only to walk out feeling depressed. However, with the higher prices of food that is one essential that skimping on is not an option. Pets included!

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