Hunting season is already underway in South Dakota. And by the looks of this photo gallery of a deer taken by Blaine Brakke and Jon England, there're off to a good start!

In a world of camouflage and blaze orange, it's a rarity when a hunter gets to score an animal like this. It's as if the hunting gods give the wheel of good fortune a spin and it lands on a hunters' name.

If you've ever hunted before, you know it's more than luck. It's time and time and more time. Bowhunters 'learn patience.' Bowhunters who stalk their prey are a different breed. Deer have a sharp nose and crazy keen eyesight. Oh, and with those 'huge ears', they can hear your heartbeat at 100 yards.

As much as I would LOVE to write the story about Blaine's Buck, I'd rather leave it to him. If memory serves me correctly, he also had Cecil Johnson as an English Teacher at Lyman High School and I think you'll find his writing skills and storytelling ability fascinating.

With that in mind, the hunting season is on. Show Us Your Trophy, with Manley Tire and Oil in Manley, Minnesota will be coming up soon. So, here's a gallery of 'how to' take your hunting photos this fall.

Blaine Brakke Buck

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