There's still two weeks of the NFL preseason left, which means there's still time to hold your fantasy football draft. But as fantasy football players draft the best NFL players, men and even women, have to try and find a team name that is witty, and will best represent their teams.

Here's a list that will hopefully narrow your search for the best team name for your fantasy football team.

First, most fantasy football owners pick a name that represents a player from their team, i.e. All Day for Adrian Peterson. Some fantasy football owners even choose their team names to be their own name, or to represent their favorite team and players.

Next up, here's a list of possible team names that might be a good choice for your fantasy football team.

Show Me Your TD's: This is pretty common name, and it's a solid one. A good fantasy team will score a lot points off touchdowns, and it's a great way to show your opponents that your fantasy football team will have high expectations.

Caught Red Hernandez or Hernandez Pistol Offense: Aaron Hernandez was allegedly arrested for murder in the offseason, and as a result fantasy football players will have a field day with Hernandez jokes. After all, Caught Red Hernandez could be a good team name to show a league member that you are unhappy with a draft selection they made.

Boston Tebow Party: Tim Tebow took his talents to New England to play for the Patriots, and if you are a Tebow fan, this is a great team name. Just probably don't draft him because that Tom Brady dude is pretty good. However, if Brady is somehow misses time, the Patriots might have to throw Tebow on the field.

Somewhere Over the Dwayne Bowe: Dwayne Bowe has a new quarterback in Kansas City, and the result may mean new heights for your fantasy team.

Brady Bunch : Here's the story of the man named Brady that has a bunch of new wide receivers in 2013.

Spiller Me Timbers: C.J. Spiller is a top draft pick in 2013, but he's either going to break loose for a big gain, or your team will spilled timbers by the end of the season if Spiller gets injured. This name is via Matthew Berry's column from his top team names.

Forgetting Brandon Marshall: Peter tried to forget Sarah Marshall, but unfortunately I don't think Jay Cutler will want to forget Brandon Marshall. Marshall caught 118 passes for 1,508 yards and 11 touchdowns in 2012.

Armed Rodgery: If you are a Green Bay Packers fan, or drafted Aaron Rodgers high in the draft, this team name is just right. Rodgers' right arm can be especially deadly for opponents, as he passed for 4,295 yards, 39 touchdowns and eight interceptions in 2012.

Blair Walsh Project: This team name comes from the movie, the Blair Witch Project. Drafting a kicker usually comes last, but this kicker can be scary, and 2013 will only be second year. Walsh made 35 of 38 field goals in 2012 along with a perfect 36 of 36 on extra points.

Weeden Start the Fire: No, Ryan didn't the fire this time in the Office, but the Cleveland Browns will need quarterback Brandon Weeden to start a fire to be competitive in 2013.

Kaep'n Crunch: Colin Kaepernick was fun for defenses to try and munch on in 2012. Hopefully for fantasy owners and 49ers fans, he'll crunch opponents on the gridiron again this season.

Blurred Tynes: Lawrence Tynes has been sidelined with an injury for Tampa Bay, but hopefully there won't be too much blurred lines for Tynes when he is attempting field goals and extra points in 2013.

Victorious Secret: No, not the models, but in fantasy football, all great teams have one best kept secret. Who will be this year's Alfred Morris? Maybe it's Montee Ball in Denver or Eddie Lacy in Green Bay?

Hopefully, these team names gave you some ideas for your fantasy football team, or at least a good chuckle that made your day a lot better.

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