Not taking anything away from all of Matthew Berry's hard work last week, but anyone who know plays a lot of fantasy football knows that it's nearly impossible to prep for your draft.

In my best league, I got the number seven pick and I was trying to figure out whether I wanted to take a homer pick and choose Jordy Nelson, take Mike Evans or hope for Shady McCoy to fall.

To my huge surprise, Antonio Brown fell to me and it was a no brainier at that point. Here's how I ended up.

QB: Jameis Winston (5)

RB: DeMarco Murray (2)

WR: Antonio Brown (1)

WR: Dez Bryant (3)

TE: Martellus Bennett (8)

Flex: Davante Adams (4)

DEF: Kansas City Chiefs (7)

K: Matt Prater (9)

Bench: Adrian Peterson (6)

Bench: Hunter Henry (10)

Bench: Corey Davis (11)

Bench: Jordan Matthews (12)

Overall, I got some pretty good players to fall but the biggest surprise had to be Brown falling all the way to seven. The players that went before were as follows: Le'Veon Bell, David Johnson, Shady McCoy, Devonta Freeman, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers.

My biggest reach had to be taking Davante Adams in the fourth round. However, I'm okay with it because I always try to get one Packers receiver since I'm a fan.

The pick that I'm most excited about is absolutely Jameis Winston. Last year, he attempted the most passes of 15 yards or more, threw 28 touchdowns and he just got DeSean Jackson and O.J. Howard to give him even more weapons.

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