Recently I was in a Sioux Falls hotel lobby vending area to get a soda.  I was fumbling for the correct cash when I noticed something interesting next to me in the snack machine.

There it was, a sandwich barely hanging by it's wrapper, but not quite falling into the dispensing area.  It was almost free into public.

Vending Machine
Ben Davis

So now I had a social dilemma.  Should I try to liberate this Chicken & Swiss or not?

Mind you I wasn't really hungry.  And I certainly wasn't going buy this thing.  But what to do?

It appeared that with just a gentle tap or two upside the front panel of the display that I might get a free lunch.  I'm almost always up for that.

This is the dilemma.  If I could bang that sucker loose and take it, would that be dishonest.  Is that thievery?  Or is that just survival of the fittest?  Me being fitter than the sandwich and all.

I mean it appears that someone else probably already got screwed out of their $2.50 when the sammy got hung up.  So it's been paid for, right?

What would you do?  Would you go in after it or just walk away?

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