Kevin Garnett has always personified what it meant to be a "True Pro's Pro".

His grit, his grind, his effort and his production have made him a future first ballot Hall of Famer.  But what about the here and now, how much is left in the tank for KG?

Most reports and sources have KG returning for a second season with the Brooklyn Nets, the team that traded for him a off-season ago and the same team that KG helped to get to the second round of the NBA playoffs this year.

Although those reports are out there, I still pondered the thought that as KG and the rest of the Nets exited stage right this postseason that we could potentially be seeing the last of KG on the hardwood as we've come to love over the last 18 years.

His Hall of Fame career has produced averages of 18+ points per game, 10+ rebounds per contest and a little under one block per game as well.

A total of over 25,000 points and countless nights in Minnesota where KG was not only the only show in town, but really the driving force in regards to wins for that franchise during his tenure there.

As many of you know, KG's career has spanned three teams, including Minnesota, Boston and Brooklyn.  Most will remember him carrying the Twovles and winning a championship with the Celtics.  Most wont remember the Nets years and why should they, as most who have followed KG's career see his current form as only a shell of what we used to know.

Saying all that though, doesn't mean that in 2014-2015 that Garnett can't be a very valuable member of the Nets team.

I'm sure his hope is that Paul Pierce decides to stick around in Brooklyn and that they see a resurgence in the careers of Joe Johnson and Deron Williams as well as a healthy return of Brook Lopez.

I'm not a Nets fan, nor do I care to be one, but I am a Kevin Garnett fan.  I saw night in and night out up close and personal the commitment KG put in with the Wolves and how even though they didn't reward him with the right tools around him to win there, I have always admired his loyalty to that state and franchise accompanied with the pure joy of watching him play.

I think that we will see similar averages for Garnett of 6.5 points and 6.6 rebounds per game if indeed he does come back next year, but even that has to be a huge relief for what will then be second year head coach Jason Kidd.

KG's pure presence on the court and in the locker room is certainly valuable to that franchise moving forward.  And just think if Garnett can stay healthy and revive his career just some that maybe, just maybe we could all see glimpses of the KG we once knew and loved!