With Radio Row well underway in Houston, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about what it’s like to be on Radio Row. So here’s a short summary.

It’s like nothing else in the sports media world and Jeff can attest to this as well.

There is no other place in sports that all types of athletes come together and willingly talk to the media for five days straight. To sum up the whole week, it’s complete and utter chaos from start to finish. But it’s worth every second to bring you the best guests possible.

Look to the left and Dan Marino sits with a headset on; turn to the right and in walks Gronk. You shift your glance across the room to see Brett Favre shaking hands with Randall Cobb at The Herd stage.

But quick, try to snap a picture with Jerry Rice as he walks by. All the while you’re waiting for Jarvis Landry to come by for an interview and trying to schedule Matt Ryan for the afternoon. I learned a whole new level of multitasking at last year's Radio Row and this year will be no different.

We've been able to get names like Dan Marino, Jarvis Landry, Randall Cobb, Jordy Nelson, Shannon Sharpe, Aaron Donald, Adam Vinatieri, Osi Umenyiora, Terrell Owens, Herm Edwards and Ryen Russillo.

Jeff and I normally go in around 8 or 9am and don’t leave until the show is over at 6pm. We spend the whole morning wheeling & dealing time slots with agents, handlers and PR firms. It can get competitive too; there are 100 stations and only one athlete who’s there three hours.

I normally get forced to run across the street and get lunch, coffee or something random for us ... but mostly Jeff.

Radio Row is filled with all types of athletes but also celebrities. Last year we were able to get an interview with Transformers star Josh Duhamel and Jeff also got a picture with Liam Hemsworth. By far the biggest celebrity attraction last year was Ryan Reynolds.

Liam Hemsworth at 2015 Radio Row
Liam Hemsworth at 2015 Radio Row

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