Every year we are very fortunate to go to Radio Row leading up to the Super Bowl but along with the good always comes a little bad.

For me, I typically am able to shield out some of the negatives of radio row even though each year I certainly notice them.

Heres my Top 5 List of the Best and Worst Things About Radio Row...


1.  All the BIG names that we get to talk to always highlights the trip. From athletes to analysts to politicians to actors and everyone in between, it makes the trip always memorable.

2.  The publicity that we receive locally and nationally for our show is great. Whether it be love we receive on sight or back home to the added presence on social media is always a plus. I got a chance this year to be on the Dan Lebatard Show and it was one of the best moments in my broadcasting career.

3.  Seeing all the friends I have in the media is always a good part of the trip. It is almost like a yearly reunion of all the friends we have in the media.

4.  The big lights of radio row always add to the intrigue and excitement of doing this job. It is like getting a bolt of energy for the next year of radio each January.

5.  Autographs aren't something that is encouraged for personal use, but we get a banner signed each year that we donate to a local charity and we are able to raise a good amount of money.


1. All the products the guests are pumping.  I have no problem with guys trying to get some extra money, but when I have to dedicate a minute each interview to a different product, it does somewhat take away from the quality of the interview.

2. The crowds at Radio Row have got bigger and bigger each year.  One of the main reasons is that the NFL started letting fans who attend the NFL experience can attend Radio Row. I'm all for the fan experience, but when you are try to shuttle guests to do their next radio hit, it does cause some complications.

3.  The food can be really good, so how can it make the worst list? It is because all day, I eat. So at the end of the week, I am certainly adding some pounds from sitting around all week talking on the radio and stuffing my face full of grub.

4.  Even though we are sitting around during the show, the week consists a lot of running around and getting guests, doing video content and making it from one area of the convention center to another.  My feet at the end of the week need a nice pedicure at Royal Nails.

5.  Being in a smaller market can be a challenge, but we work well with a lot of different entities so we are able to work around some of the limitations a smaller market might face.  I just wish some of the reps for some of the bigger names would give some of the other smaller markets a shot at delivering a really good interview because some of the hosts that care the most are in some of the smaller markets.


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