Two women have been banned for life at any future MLB games after they flashed Houston Astros pitcher Gerrit Cole during the World Series.

During Game 5 in Washington DC, Lauren Summer and Julia Rose who run the company Shagmag, lifted their shirts and flashed the field.

After the game the two women received a letter stating that they had been banned from all future MLB games and stadiums for violating the fan conduct code.

Summer and Rose though contend the stunt was to promote Breast Cancer Awareness and that the money raised from the 'flashing' will go to that cause.

If that is the case, then Major League Baseball has to reconsider and either match their donation and/or reduce the ban to a suspension for a year.

Now we cant have every Tom, Dick or Julia be exposing themselves at a game with kids around but MLB has to take it case by case and in this case, a banishment is too harsh.

This was funny and it was for a good cause.

MLB needs to loosen up a bit on this one and fight a different battle.


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