I'll have to admit, I watched more than just the performances of each team during this year's World Series. I'll even have to admit that I played a little game throughout each and every World Series game. I've even got my friends and family addicted to this game and once they've started the game, they just can't stop playing the game.

To avoid anymore suspense, the game I am talking about is an easier, World Series version of the classic book, Where's Waldo. If you haven't noticed over the past two seasons there has been a certain "orange" character that has been secretly stealing the postseason show. This character I'm talking about can be seen at every World Series game right behind home plate. Each and every game you could see him wearing his bright orange Miami Marlins jacket. His name is Laurence Leavy, a Miami lawyer and self proclaimed spectator sports geek who travels around buying front row seats to ball games.

Leavy claims he's been to more than 26 Super Bowls and 80 World Series games. Some could say he's the ultimate fan, others could say he's the ultimate crazy fan, and then there are those that believe he just wants the attention. Whatever the case may be, he has certainly become the nations most recognizable fan. He's definitely a fan of sports in general and no matter what the opinions are, it's good to see great support for the greatest games in sports.

There's more to this story than just a single man with a big wallet however. Despite what people think of right off the bat, Mr. Leavy is not just a man with the money to buy front row seats all for himself. He is actually a Miami Marlins fan with a kind hearted plan and a feel good story. Instead of simply buying prime time seats for himself, Mr. Leavy has taken to his Facebook account and inviting total strangers-three at a time-to sit with him, front and center for all to see. Not only does Mr. Leavy invite total strangers to join him, but he invites those who may have never been able to attend a professional game let alone the World Series. He brings the opportunity of a lifetime each and every game to complete strangers, filling each person with memories that will last a lifetime.

The great part about what Mr. Leavy does is actually what he doesn't do. He gives the once in a lifetime chance to sit in the best seats in the house during the biggest games of the year and in the end, Laurence Leavy doesn't ask for a single thing in return. He never asks anything from his guests other than to enjoy the experiences of being front and center during the World Series. It's a wonderful story which goes to show just how impact-full the world of sports can be. He's more than just a lawyer from Miami, he's a man with a plan to bring the wonderful experiences he enjoys to as many different people as he can.

Like I said before, it's a much easier version of where's Waldo and you can win just about every time. Next season I challenge every person to watch the World Series and check the stands. You won't have to go far to see the beacon that is the bright orange Miami Marlins apparel of Mr. Laurence Leavy.