We've seen the City of Sioux Falls vehicles rolling through neighborhoods spraying clouds into the air to control the mosquito populations. (Always a good idea to get the pets and kids inside when you see them) As the hot temperatures will be here for a while the mosquitoes are dive bombing their way into your BBQs and family outings.

Oh, joy.

Here are 25 household remedies that can lead to relief from a mosquito bite (as compiled by the old-timey sorts)

Apple cider vinegar
Baking soda / warm water paste
Ice cold or piping hot water
Cooled tea
Rubbing alcohol
Wet aspirin
Underarm deodorant
Baby powder
Perfume or cologne
Aloe Vera
Lemon or lime juice
Inside of a banana peel
Raw onion (good luck with your date after this one)
Raw potato
Meat tenderizer
Heated spoon
Nail polish
Scotch tape
Copper penny
Use your fingernail to press an "X" into the bite (aka Sunburst)

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Some ways to not getting bitten at all are pretty simple. Bug spray. Experts agree. The jury is still out on whether all-natural bug repellants work but many have said they do not. Some say they work just fine.

The other big takeaway here is to make sure you don't have standing water in your yard. Thousands of mosquitos can be born in just one upside-down trash can lid. Eek!

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