Now I love my Taco Bell, but I'm good on a side of meth.

Apparently, two men were try to cook more than tacos at Taco Bell, they were trying to cook some meth.

All of this went down in the quiet community of Cedar Rapids, IA.

According to KWWL, cops noticed two men acting suspicious outside the closed restaurant Tuesday morning.

One of the assailants claimed that he worked at the Taco Bell, but the officers apparently discovered the leftovers of a drug production operation in a utility area when they searched the building.

Christopher Adam Matous, 31, and Kent Jerome Duby, 56, were arrested and charged with conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine according to the police reports.

"We understand that two people, one an employee, entered our franchisee's restaurant illegally, allegedly possessing suspicious items," said a Taco Bell spokesman told KWWL.

Here is the complete story of this crazy story.

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