24 hours ago, Todd Hoffner was enemy number one for making a decision based on his family and himself. Players were threatening to not practice, coaches were left in limbo, and Mankato as a university was left as the center of attention because of Hoffner's choice to return.

24 hours later, everything appears to be back on track.

Hoffner, along with former interim Mavericks coach Aaron Keen, Athletic Director Kevin Buisman, and members of the Mavericks football team gathered for a press conference to announce that the program will move forward.

For Hoffner, the road back to Mankato was not easy to say the least. After losing his job a couple years ago due to charges of possessing child pornography, which were photos of his own children, Hoffner became the coach of Minot State once the charges were dropped. Hoffner won arbitration and had the opportunity to take his job back at Mankato, which he did.

The response wasn't so positive with the players, and Hoffner says that they are ready to get back to work.

Hoffner, understanding the situation, did not take the players threatening to not practice personally. In a statement given, Hoffner also acknowledged the change of culture in the locker room and will look to continue to use that culture to try to win a national title.

That support and loyalty to coach Keen was the main reason that the players wanted their voices to be heard. MSU football player Sam Thompson says that their attempt was to open communication.

For coach Keen, he believes that the Mavericks have a program that can win a national championship and he wants to help in any way he can.

Athletic Director Kevin Buisman delivered an apology to Hoffner for all the troubles that he endured over the course of two years.

With seemingly everything back in place, the Mavericks will look to finally focus on football.

MSU will open their season on September 4th against St. Cloud State.

Audio courtesy of Brad Steele, Three Eagles Communications Mankato.