I thought the home ballpark was supposed to be an advantage for a team. Apparently that isn't the case for Brian Dozier and the Minnesota Twins.

In Wednesday's (May 23) series closing game against the Detroit Tigers, Brian Dozier appeared to have himself a home run. The ball nicely hit off the bat and was zooming straight to center field, but he came up just a tad short.

Instead of bouncing off the wall like any normal baseball, Dozier's almost-home-run resembled more of a golf hole-in-one. The baseball simply got stuck between the padding at the top of the Target Field wall.

The single shot would have tied the game at one at that time. Luckily for the Twins, Dozier's ground-rule double would end up with a run after Eddie Rosario knocked him home in the inning. Detroit went on to win 4-1.

Minnesota now travels west to Seattle for a three game series from Friday through Sunday (May 25-27).


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