Marshawn Lynch is the most unique personality that the NFL has seen since Randy Moss left the league. He's good for the league and if he wants to dance, not speak to the media, drive a golf cart around and wear outrageous things, then let him.

It's time for everyone to layoff and stop overanalyzing everything he does.

Last night Lynch got tossed in the second quarter after Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters delivered a late hit on quarterback Derek Carr. Lynch ran out onto the field and broke up a scuffle between players.

Whether Lynch was protecting his quarterback Carr or Peters whose apparently his cousin, he ended up pushing a referee.

While I agree that Lynch should be suspended for a game for pushing the referee, lets not overreact here. People on Twitter the past few days have been using words like "assault" and "violence". Please, that wasn't a malicious act.

Let's just call this what it is, he pushed a guy in the heat of the moment during an altercation between his teammates and his cousin. The guy just happen to be wearing zebra stripes.

Coming from someone who's been in the middle of a group altercation before, it's not always so easy to know who's grabbing you to help or hurt.

If he wants to leave the locker room and go sit in the stands after getting ejected, why do we care, why is anyone surprised and why are people riled up? Does anyone honestly believe he was intentionally trying to hurt a referee?

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