April 18: a time when the grass is turning green, trees are beginning to bud, and flowers are starting to peek up through the ground heralding a time of new life and color. Unless you live in South Dakota that is.

This year, April has brought record cold and snow to the Sioux Empire. And after making it through a weekend blizzard that dumped over 14 inches of snow to Sioux Falls and the surrounding areas, yet another another snow storm decided to add insult to injury with another 5 inches.

Needless to say, South Dakotans are over it.

We braved the weather to step outside the studios and snap a picture of a picnic table blanketed by the latest snow, thinking of better times ahead. It was a picturesque image, but it lacked something... a caption!

So we invited our Facebook friends to provide us with some captions. And they did with tongues planted firmly in cheeks. Here are some of our favorite responses.

NOTE: In some cases we had similar suggestions from multiple people, so we chose one person to credit (sorry to everyone else). In some cases we edited captions for editorial reasons.

Caption This: Snow Covered Picnic Table

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