Let's face it, no matter how you want to look at it, a lot of younger sports fans are not that interested in baseball because of the slow pace. However, every once in awhile something happens that grabs our attention.

During a battle of birds, a truly amazing play happened on Tuesday night. Toronto Blue Jays' Kevin Pillar hit a triple on a 1-1 pitch against St. Louis' Matt Bowman.

Chris Coghlan was on first after base when the ball was hit but waited to see if it would be caught by right fielder Stephen Piscotty. After the ball hit the wall, Coghlan took off for third and got sent home.

What happened next might be one of the most athletic plays of the early 2017 season. Coughlan rounded third and superman jumped over Yadier Molina to give the Blue Jays a 3-2 lead.

For someone who admittedly doesn't like to watch a ton of baseball, this was pretty cool to see. This is the type of play that the MLB needs to promote and make sure they keep talking about to rope us occasional watchers in.

While I have nothing against baseball, I have a hard time sitting down and watching a three hour game that doesn't have a ton of action. For a league that wants to help get a younger generation interest, plays like this will only help drive viewership.


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