UPDATE (6:00 PM) Police Chief Jim Sideras announced that the body of the construction worker trapped in the collapsed building was found.

"He was found in a void by the search dog, pretty much in the spot where we were looking. After moving all that rubble we eventually did find him and it just didn't work out for us. The family just wants to have to themselves and rightfully so."

Sideras also took time to note the community outreach to the emergency crews who braved the conditions to conduct the search.

"Thanks for all the donations of food for our fire fighters and our team. It was greatly appreciated. Our firefighters gave it their all, trying as much as they could and this isn't quite the ending we wanted to have."

Going forward, the job now is to secure the area so that the cleanup can continue from the collapsed building. Additionally adjacent buildings need to be fortified if necessary to prevent them from suffering the same fate.

UPDATE (3:32 PM): Story makes national news.

UPDATE (1:56 PM): Rescue crews still do not know the location of the trapped worker.

UPDATE (1:44 PM): Rescue crews continue to work under hazardous conditions.

UPDATE (1:31 PM): One victim has been rescued!

UPDATE (1:22 PM): Crews getting closer to trapped woman.

UPDATE (1:11 PM): Stunning video from ArgusLeader911 of a dog being pulled from the wreckage of the Copper Lounge collapse.

UPDATE (1:00 PM): Sioux Falls Fire Rescue has made contact with one of the victims.

UPDATE (12:54 PM): According to Jonathan Ellis of the Argus Leader authorities have lost "contact" with the trapped construction worker.

UPDATE (12:49 PM): According to the Sioux Falls Fire Rescue, a crane is being brought in to help remove larger pieces of debris.

The Copper Lounge building at the corner of 10th Street and Phillips Avenue in downtown Sioux Falls has collapsed. The collapse occurred around 10:30 AM Friday morning.

Chief Jim Sideris confirmed to KDLT News that two people are trapped inside the building. One has made contact with a relative by cell phone. Unfortunately, according to KELOLAND she does not know where in the debris she is because she has been disoriented by the collapse.

The second individual is a construction worker. Rescue crews do not know where he might be in the debris.

The building has been vacant or under construction since Copper Lounge closed in September. Lewis Drug has planned to open in the space next spring. The building is owned by Legacy Developments, which bought it from Tim Kant last year. Kant owns Eastwold Smoke Shop in the same building.

Reports are that crews were working on a load-bearing wall when the collapse happened.

Concerns now turn to the neighboring building, currently housing the Pave Bar. A large crack in the side of that building has appeared as a result of the collapse of the Copper Lounge. There is some concern that portion of the building might collapse as well.

Here are some additional images from the scene:


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