In March of 2020, Marcella landed in the United States after a long flight from Uganda. Within a few days, she began complaining to her mom about knee pain.

Thinking it was the result of the 26-hour flight, Brenda told her daughter it would get better. Several days later, the pain was still there, so to the doctor, they went. X-rays led to many scans and biopsies and then a diagnosis of osteosarcoma, a bone cancer--something they never expected.

Marcella's treatment included chemotherapy, amputation and rotationplasty, and prosthetic placement. The family really appreciated having Child Life Specialists and Spiritual Care available to navigate the challenges of the diagnosis and treatment-- they truly changed their experience and now Marcella even misses the Castle sometimes.

Marcella continues to do physical therapy and follow-up care at Sanford Children's Hospital and is really looking forward to being able to attend in-person school.


- Child Life Specialists

- Spiritual Care

- On-site school teacher

To help support these kids in their battle against cancer you can donate online HERE.


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