Dave Austad of Austad’s Golf joins Jeff Thurn on Friday’s edition of Overtime.

Rory McIlroy is 12-under after two rounds and is atop the leaderboard at the British Open. Austad talks about McIlroy's hot start and a funny story while attending the 1985 British Open:

"He's kicking some butt. It's cool. It's very, very cool, and he will be hard to catch. Let's just say Rory is going to have screw up in order to lose the British Open. He's shown he can hold the lead before. He's won two majors before by eight strokes. My guess is he is not going to screw this one up. Although, the weather forecast for tomorrow is going to be very different. They don't have the Jerry P. weather forecast over there, but it is suppose to be rainy, 30 mile per hour winds. And it gets crazy over there. I've had the opportunity to be at the British Open once. It's a hilarious story back a long time ago in 1985. I had just got married. I was taking a group of customers out and played all these courses in Scotland and ended up in a sandwich down in England. This is the one Sandy Lyle won. My wife was not a golfer. We are sitting in the bleachers on the 18th hole, she's bored silly and goes this game is silly. Really? This is your business and what I am going to have hang around the rest of the time? Peter Jacobsen is in the sand trap right in front of the green, and out of the crowd comes this guy buck naked, running around the green buck-naked and these Bobbies come out. They are trying to tackle him. Can't do it. It's like Keystone cops. It's crazy. Peter Jacobsen comes out the trap. He's a pretty big guy. Looks at the crowd. Looks at the streaker. Looks at the crowd. Looks at the streaker. Puts his hands up showing it's about two inches, something about that. I mean just hilarious. The streaker comes right for him and turns his head. He makes it very clear in the interviews later. He turns his head and makes a perfect driving tackle. Knocks the streaker down. Bobbies come, take him away and put their hat right over his private parts and my wife turns to me and goes this golf isn't so bad. I think I might enjoy this game."

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Stuart Franklin/Getty Images
Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

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