Dave Austad of Austad's Golf joined Jeff Thurn on Friday's edition of Overtime.

Thurn asks Austad about the timing of golfer Rory McIlory breaking off his engagement with tennis player Caroline Wozniacki:

"So, how do you do this? You wake up in the morning, and you just sent the invites out. The stamps and it's all in the mail. Then, you go, I'm just not sure this is going to work out. Caroline, let's talk, and she just did a tweet on her account saying, 'I'm going through it and it's tough.' It's probably better he decided now then the day of the wedding, and going 'this isn't going to work.' Make those changes now."

Does McIlory's game go downhill now?

"He's actually been playing pretty well today. He shot a 69 today. He can't just wake up one morning, and there has to be something in the back of his head. So, I'm guessing he's feeling a little more relaxed. It had to be a difficult conversation. It sounds like they both handled it well, and it's got to be tough to a relationship where you have two superstars and go back and look at them in the past. Chris Evert, Jimmy Connors. Most of them don't last very long. Then, at the same time, most people haven't heard about this, but the No. 1 golfer in the world who is Adam Scott, believe it or not, got married and no one knew it...He calls a bunch of friends and says we are having a party with he and his girlfriend. They all show up and thought it was social deal. They get married and it was a low-key deal. Adam Scott is now off the charts and you can't go get him, but Rory is now available. And if you want to, those boys up in England bet on everything. There's odds who is next girlfriend is, and at top is his former girlfriend who he was dating five years before he started dating Caroline. 275 to 1, it's Elin Nordegren, Tiger Wood's ex-wife. 275-1, he's got to date her in the next three years, and he has to verify she is a girlfriend."

Austad talks about McIlory's strengths and weaknesses on the golf course: 

"He's got some incredible confidence. He's only 25 years old. People forget that. He's very young. He can play a terrible round, and he's had some times in the majors where he's had a total meltdown. I thought he handled himself very well. Didn't start making excuses. He didn't do the 'Sergio,' and start spitting in the cup and do anything like that. He handles and it says, 'it will be just another day.' I think that's what you need when you are tour because you are always going to have some bad rounds, and some months. I think long-term, he is going to be a player, and play well. We need him to play well right now and stand up because every week there's a new winner and no one's ever heard of them before. It's kind of neat to have new faces, but come on, let's get Phil, or Rory to play because Tiger isn't going to play for a while. We need someone to start winning."

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Warren Little/Getty Images
Warren Little/Getty Images

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