"Go ask your father," was always the response from my mom when she didn't have the answer. And, so I did. Most times he did have the answer.

We learned many things from Dad. Some came in the form of Dad-isms. Like, 'straighten up and fly right.' Usually said with an authoritative tone and one raised an eyebrow. If that didn't work his hand flying across our backsides did.

In a survey conducted by Lowe's, here are just a few of the things Dad will teach us:

  • -31% want to teach their children something they’re passionate about
  • -31% would enjoy bonding over DIY projects
  • -21% believe it would be nice to learn something new together
  • -43% consider trying out home improvement tools “play time”

All-in-all my Dad was pretty cool for his generation. He took us fishing. He took us out into the country and showed us all the animals on the farm. Took the time to play catch after he worked a 10-hour day outside. And was a great charcoal grilling instructor.

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This Father's Day the National Retail Federation is reporting that consumers will collectively spend a record-high $22.9 billion to celebrate Father’s Day this year.

Maybe Dad needs a new grill. How about a new cordless drill set? If he likes to spend his free time on the golf course you may want to consider shopping at Austad's Golf.

Fathers Day Golfing Roadtrip-Take Dad To 4-States All In 1-Day

The kid can still come out in Dad so don't limit yourself when shopping.

You could take him shopping at his favorite store to see what light's his eyes up.

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