Today's Dad has other things on his mind than waiting in line for a brunch buffet. It could be enjoying a peaceful morning with coffee on the deck. A drive with the top down. Maybe just one day without a honey-do list!

If Dad's favorite pastime is golfing, then here is the perfect Father's Day gift!

Here we have laid out a nice day for you and your Dad that will put you on four different 9-hole courses in four different states all in one day. Below you'll find phone numbers to call for tee times and directions.

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How to Golf 4 Different 9-Hole Courses in 4 States in 1 Day

Get plenty of rest the night before and carb up because your wake-up alarm is coming early. Have the sticks, a few extra sleeves of balls, and a fresh change of clothes packed for a full day of fun.

First Course, First State: Minnesota

First, we travel to Minnesota where in only about 40 minutes you can tee off at the Luverne Country Club.

Mature trees line the fairways with four sets of tee boxes.

Luverne Country Club (507) 283-4383

Sioux Falls to Luverne, Minnesota

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Second Course, Second State: Iowa

The next leg of the journey is taking you to the oldest golf course in Iowa, the Sioux Golf & Country Club.

Sioux Golf & Country Club, established in 1888, is the oldest, continuously run golf course in the state of Iowa. This 133-year-old 9-hole course is rich with character and beauty, with rolling hills, elevated greens, huge trees, and a river running through it.

Lush with dense tree-lined fairways at Sioux Golf & Country Club  712-756-4513.

Luverne, MN to Alton, Iowa

Course 3, State 3: Nebraska

Next up point your car in the direction of Sioux City. No, you're not golfing there. Cross the bridge and take Highway 12 to Ponca, Nebraska, and Highland Oaks Golf Course.

Highland Oaks Golf Course is a beautiful 9-Hole Course next to Ponca State Park. One of the Best Kept courses in Siouxland. 402.755.4222

Alton, Iowa to Ponca, Nebraska

Course 4, State 4: South Dakota

Next up, back to the 605 and the Springfield Golf Course.

Along the Bluffs of the Missouri River, the incredible views and the challenge of this course will make you want to come back and play it again.

I remember when this next course opened. Described as Dakota's Pebble Beach, the Springfield Golf Course 605-369-5525.

Ponca, NE to Springfield, SD


Back to Sioux Falls

Springfield, SD to Sioux Falls. Home sweet home!

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