Teslas appear to becoming more and more common for those looking to upgrade their vehicles around the state of South Dakota; especially here in Sioux Falls.

Some may be surprised that electric cars have become quite popular in an area that is still by most considered a rural area.

Nevertheless, would you then be surprised to find out that there is actually an annual Tesla rally that is held in Custer, SD every year since 2011?

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And the whole tradition was actually started by Tesla CEO Ellon Musk himself after he was on a road trip through the Mount Rushmore state around the Custer area.

“He decided we need to have more charging stations in the area. And of course knowing this is a tourist area, he said you know that he wanted to get some charging stations here and that’s kind of how we got those first initial 22 charging stations here was because of his mishap that landed him here in Custer that night” -SDPB.

Twenty-two charging stations! That's a lot for a 'rural state' and just on the western part of the state.

The rally has been around for the past seven years and at this past event that happened in May of 2021 more than eighty Teslas and their owners appeared at the event.

The Tesla rally took place during the week of May 21, 2021, from Friday through Sunday.  Teslas were on display Friday evening from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM at Mount Rushmore Brewing Company.

Below is a route of the Tesla Rally mapped out via Google Maps around Custer, South Dakota:

Google Maps
Google Maps

Who would have thought that a breakdown would have lead to such a wonderful tradition for South Dakotans to celebrate?

Source: SDPB.org

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