The state of Minnesota has clear rules on which types of fireworks are and are not allowed, but many ignore these regulations and make the trip over to Wisconsin to load up on them. It’s important to know that smuggling fireworks across the state line is illegal and those that get caught doing it can face some pretty stiff consequences. Read more below.

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Which Fireworks Are Legal in Minnesota

Firework stands started popping up in parking lots across the state several weeks ago, but you won’t find anything too exciting in them.

Sparklers, cones, and tubes that emit sparks, and novelty items like snakes and party poppers are pretty much the only legal fireworks in Minnesota.

All of that is great for young children, but most people want to see big bright explosions lighting up the night sky. Unfortunately, Minnesota residents are prohibited from utilizing such fireworks.

Which Fireworks Are Illegal in Minnesota


All of the good stuff is off-limits in Minnesota. #BummerSummer

Firecrackers, Bottle rockets, Missiles, Roman candles, Mortars, and shells are all illegal here in Minnesota.

A lot of people ignore the state’s rule banning fireworks and travel over to South Dakota or Wisconsin to stock up.

So What Happens If You Get Caught Sneaking Fireworks into Minnesota?

Minnesota has some pretty strict consequences for those caught smuggling fireworks.

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"Most violations are a misdemeanor for which a court can impose a sentence of 90 days in jail, a $1,000 fine, or both. Violations involving a large number of fireworks (35 pounds gross container weight or more) can be punished as a gross misdemeanor with a maximum sentence of one year in jail, a $3,000 fine, or both."

Most Minnesota communities are planning elaborate fireworks shows for their 4th of July parties - You can check our 2023 fireworks guide to see what's happening throughout southeast Minnesota and make sure to read about the largest fireworks display in Minnesota which features food trucks and live music.

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