It's the age old question: who was better? Is Michael Jordan the greatest basketball player of all time, or has LeBron James surpassed him. In a head to head match up of point guards would Magic Johnson beat Stephen Curry?

So we decided to let you make those decisions.

In our first ever Head to Head, we take a look at each position on an NBA court (as well as the best all around player) and pit a legendary player against one of today's best players. And since we (despite what Jeff Thurn may think) are not experts on all things basketball. So, we turned to ESPN, Bleacher Report and Sports Illustrated to help us make those decisions.

Deciding on the past player wasn't too hard as there are tons of "Best Of" lists and most pretty much agree. As for the current players, we used a list of the best players at each position going into the 2017-2018 season.

So, with that...

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